Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian isn't the best role model due to the fact she has a sex tape etc but she is int he sense that she isn't a stick insect and she is proud of her curves!
Kim wears some amazing clothes - she dress for her shape and shows off her best points.
Three outfits I really like are ....
It has a blazer - its made for me!

She tends to go for fitted or cinched in at the waist dresses which show off her curves and don't drown her in fabric - this could make her look bigger than she is!
Personally, Kim is a good role model for the fact that she is content with her figure and doesn't try to hide it or pretend that it is different to what it is and she has good taste (most of the time) :D x


  1. i love kims style! wish i had her closet! lol

  2. I love the blazer! I am now thinking i need a grey one!! x

  3. @Superficialgirl I know - it would be amazing! x

    @Natalia Yeh me too. Really wanting a striped one aswell. Blazer are an addiction! x

  4. this is going to sound really odd since im a teenager, but I don't think making a sex tape is a bad thing. As long as you trust your partner and have been together for a very long time.

    and the second outfit is stunning.
    if only we had that money.

  5. She really dresses her figure well!!If only I had the money to buy some of those clothes. lol

  6. I would tend to agree with you. I like her clothes too and it's always nice to see a woman who is comfortable with her curves

  7. @Shannan I dont think its bad either but hers raised her profile and she made money from it. Which isn't a good idea to put to young girls.I know - I would steal all her wardrobe if I could lol :D x

    @Laurenjc17 She really does :D I know it would be amazing to have all those beautiful clothes x

    @Liparazzi Agree 100%. Makes a change from stick thin girls everywhere :D x

  8. LOOOOOve Kim's outfits! She always looks so gorgeous!


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