Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ahoy Sailor!

I really like Audrina's nautical stripy vest top, its really summery and pretty.

Plus, its really casual & relaxed looking especially with some jeans and sandals!

I love strips but sadly I can't pull them off - they just make me look like a blob but I was thinking I could try a stripy tee with a high waisted skirt and some leggings. Fingers crossed it doesn't blob-ify me!

I haven't really talked about Audrina on here it has mostly been Lauren but I think I will talk about her more. She has quite a edgy, rock-ish style which I like and I love her brunette hair - jealous much.

I also came across this picture of Audrina in Australia. I LOVE her blazer!
I really like the whole outfit actually :D. Sadly I'm still on the hunt for a nice blazer :( one day my dream blazer will come.....
What do you think of Audrina's style?
I was going to ask who's style do you like better but Audrina and Lauren have totally different styles, there wouldn't really be a comparison (let me know if you disagree! :D)

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  1. I love a lot of nautical themed clothing items and find some stripes can work really well. I've seen a lot of 'dresses' lately which have a black skirt with a black & white striped top - maybe that would work for you?


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