Monday, 20 April 2009

In & Out Twenty Five

Whats in for Monday
  • Rimmel Double Decker red nail polish - loveee (8)
  • Kick Boxing - I love this, makes me feel stress free & really happy. Note to anyone that knows me if you want something from me ask me after kick boxing :)
  • French Connection - beating Topshop in the ran for my favourite shop at the moment. I'm sure Topshop will be back with Avengeance
  • Hells Kitchen - Marco Pierre White = sexxxxy
  • The Gorgeous weather
  • David Bowie - I could listen to his music all day. Especially life on mars
Whats out for Monday
  • Back to college tomorrow :(
  • Spots - i HATE them

That's all - having a good day. I will post some interesting posts soon, I promise :D

Take care x


  1. I think i need to take up a sport...kick boxing sounds good. I could do with a bit of toning in the old legs!
    What did you decide about your hair cut contemplation?

  2. @Steph

    It's really good & its fun too which makes it easier :)

    Still undecided! Somedays I want to chopit off and other I like it but we'll see


  3. I know what you mean! Im desperate for a major hair change but i just cant quite figure out what i want!Grr.x

  4. @Steph

    I'm scared I'll cut it and hate it but maybe that would be a good thing....

    What were you thinking about getting done? x

  5. Im exactly the same. ive had the same long, layered side fringy cut for ever...i just want something different but i have no idea what!isnt it frusterating...just hook me up with whoever does the ANTM makeovers and promise not to give me a crop!x


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