Saturday, 4 April 2009

In & Out Twenty One

Whats in for Saturday
  • Lincoln Park after Dark/Eiffel for this colour <3>
  • My Topshop order came and I loveee what I got - pictures coming soon :D makes me feel summery.
  • More Magazine - its cheap & a good read! lol
  • Leggings - way more comfortable than jeans
  • Minerlised Satin finish - so happy to be back to my favourite foundation after Studio Fix Fluid and Studio sculpt broke me out :(
Whats out for Saturday
  • The wet weather however hopefully this will make work quieter - fingers crossed!
  • Easter holidays are here - I love being on holidays but I'm SO bored already. Most of my college friends have gone home as there not from Glasgow. It is just plain boring!
  • Neon - what is it with people wearing neon stuff? They look like highlighters!!



  1. Ha ha... Im with you on the neon... NOT A FAN!

  2. @Stars*in*my*pocket*

    It jsut doesn't work! lol x

  3. I know what you mean about the weather here!!

    and the highlighter thing...i love it!
    My little sister is 12 and thinks that anything neon is amazing! lol

  4. Yes I know I like easter but all I have to look forward to is revision cause my exams will start when I get back :(

  5. @Lucinda

    Same and you get all worried and stressed coz you feel your doing enough!

    They shouldn't call it a holiday :D x

  6. @littlepinkstars

    I was wrong the weather didn't make a difference in work lol.

    Its always nice here when your not on holiday :( x


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