Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What does fashion & style mean to you....

I did what does make up mean to you the other week and it got me thinking (bad idea!) what fashion or more importantly personal style means to me.
In my opinion, fashion is what you see on the runways & in magazines and style is what you see on the streets and on people.
Style reflects more about a person than trends - sure people copy catwalk trends but the way they wear and what they wear from the trend shows you a little bit of their personality and who they are.
I love all the amazing dresses and extravagant outfits on the runways, they are amazing but I also love looking in magazines, at celebrities and at real people to get inspiration for outfits.
My style is girly and put together - I'm not the sort of person that would leave the house without at least trying to make myself presentable. I do this simply because it makes me feel better and more comfortable to be myself!
My style reflects the girly, fun, wants to have a laugh side of my personality but it doesn't reflect other sides such as that I am determined, have a hidden indie/rock side or that I can be bossy (a major part of my personality!!!)
Style is a very personal thing and I think it is amazing when people don't go with the crowd. When I see someone that is really quirky - I think they are awesome! Being able to be 100% yourself is a difficult thing and if I am being honest I am sometimes not 100% myself around different people for a number of reasons.
Clothes to me are all about experimentation - if a trend doesn't work on you, it doesn't work on you but at least you can say you tried! Trying different fashions and trends is what makes it so fun & how you will discover who you are and who you want to be.
Anyways, after a very rambly post, what does fashion & style mean to you? I would love to know! Take care x

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