Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Hunt is Over....

I have been hunting for the perfect black blazer for agesss, I think I have bought and returned at least 5!
Today while wandering around the shops I went into Mango and there it was - the perfect black blazer :D
I wanted one that was like a suit jacket style & material not just a cotton blazer and that is what I found in Mango. It was £55 and totally worth it in my eyes.

It has shape to it and is fitted - not boyfriend style like all the other ones seem to be at the moment - and I really love it. It has three buttons and two little pockets. Plus the lining is really cute.

Sorry the pictures aren't great - not feeling well so I wasn't really in the mood :) x


  1. Ahh, Im so glad you finally found it!! It looks great on you!

  2. A must for every wardrobe :)

  3. Love the blazer



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