Tuesday, 7 April 2009

In & Out Twenty Two

Whats in for Tuesday
  • My lovely 60 followers! Thank you for following :D
  • Doing my nails - I don't know why but I get a really happy, exicted feeling when picking a nail polish sad but so very true
  • Floral prints - I love floral print. They are bright and pretty.
  • Organising my wardrobe. I know have a very overly organised, colour co-ordinated wardrobe that makes me smile.
  • Dying my hair dark blonde either this week or next :D I am hooked in hair dying now.
  • The Hills Season 5 - watching online :D
Whats out for Tuesday
  • Boredum - the holidays are boring me to tears!! So much so that I have signed up for some overtime in work (FYI I hate where I work, it is hell on earth for me!!)
  • The fact shops don't sell cute zippers! Ugh I want a nice one so badly but I can't find one. So far I've tried: the HG that is Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, New Look - any suggestions of where I can get an inexpensive zipper are more than welcome :)
  • My Lack of blogging - sorry not really been feeling insipired but there will be a haul coming verrry soon :D Clothes mainly
  • Coleen Nolan in wet look leggings, just no.


  1. Ooooo how do u watch the hills online?? I want it!! Haha xx

  2. I been organizing my wardrobe too. Oh and florals are so amazing.

  3. ah cool. you from UK yes? Where do you watch the hills, I want to watch from the beggining, do you know where I can online?

  4. @rainbowdust33

    i watch the hills on here...


    if you click download here! you can then click on watch now instead of downloading.

    :D x

  5. @lucinda

    Yeh I am :)

    You can get season 1 -4 on alluc just type in into google or whatever and season 5 is onthis site...


    enjoy :D x


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