Thursday, 16 April 2009

Do I cut it?

As I mentioned in my Ins & outs, my hair is getting on my nerves! Basically, I have always wanted long hair and now it is longish but the problem is I have thick hair and there is a lot of it so its kind of weighted down my hair and its just really flat & lifeless.

So here is what I was thinking ....

either Nicole


Heidi ....

I'm not really sure which one I prefer tbh - I think I could do more with the Heidi just because there is less layers and not so much of a side fringe (which don't really suit me).

I would appreciated your opinions on this ...

should I go for the Nicole or the Heidi??

Take care x

EDIT: ok, after two hours deep thought (lol! on my hair....)I have decided that I have wanted long hair for years and that I am just going to go with it. I think I will grow out the fringe and maybe go for this ...

Just some layers and a centre part like Rachel Bilson. No doubt I will get my fringe back at some point but this is what I am going for.

Maybe I'll cut it short in the future when its all dead and manky from all the curling tong-ing (??)

So i guess the answer to Do I cut it? is No!



  1. My vote is for the Heidi. It would look gorgeous on you!x

  2. I like ur hair how it is! the blunt fringe looks good with shoulder length bob x

  3. I really like the Heidi cut. So much that I might go that way myself. I always end up regretting cutting my hair though. The back and forth is killing me! :)

  4. @the new black

    same - i always get it cut and then get annoyed that I cut it. :D x


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