Thursday, 16 April 2009

In & Out Twenty Four

Whats in for Thursday
  • Passing my driving theory - yay :D
  • Coral nails - 17 Caribbean Coral is gorgeous plus its cheap!
  • E45 - solves all my dry skin problem however used under make up it can go a tad patchy
  • Bio Oil - This is helping the acne scaring on my chest <3> reminded me of it :D
  • The gorgeous weather - it is beautiful outside
  • Gosh Darling & the velvet touch eye pencil in blue lagoon <3>
  • James Brown hair care products - these are amazing and they smell gorgeous
  • Dailybooth - get on it people, its fun!

  • Whats out for Thursday
  • My hair! Its getting long & on my nerves.
  • Dry skin :( its so dry that it actually hurts!


  1. Hooray!!! I'm glad you got some bio oil it's amazing!!! xxx

  2. @Natalia

    It is! Makes your skin really healthy and glowy :D


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