Thursday, 9 April 2009

Coz I'm Cooler in the red dress (8)

Sienna Miller attended a party in Manhattan two nights ago wearing this red dress.
I think it is gorgeous! You can't really see it in this photo but the front has layered detailing and the zip is silver with black stitching on the back, adding a bit of interest to the dress other than the fantastic colour.

Sienna has worn a red dress before but it was much more formal and feminine - in my opinion this dress is edgier and a makes her stand out. She teamed the dress with black tights, black peep toes and bright red lips.
I love this outfit, I think it is something you could pull off going out in Glasgow or any city for that matter.
Do you like Sienna's dress? x


  1. Oh wow, that really is stunning! I think Glasgow could definitely take a dress like that, youd look amazing!
    I would definitely be teaming it with the black tights...noone wants to see my bare legs!

  2. @Steph LOL The city would be shocked to see a girl in clothes i think!

    Yeh definitely - noone would want to see my legs either :D x


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