Friday, 24 April 2009

Outfit 5

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that currently my washing machine is not working :@ so I have been racking around my drawers, wardrobe, bedroom floor to find clothes everyday while doing so I found this Topshop dress that I bought about year ago and have worn only a handful of times.
I'm not sure why - I think it is because when I first bought it I was heavier and felt fat and blah in it but I have lost weight since then and now feel much nicer in the dress.
It is a dark grey with leaf print in lighter grey - the print makes up most of the dress. It has a tie with the same print for around the waist and to be honest without this it would just be a shapeless sack!
I wore it with some black tights and my purple-navy long line cardigan also from Topshop, some black pumps from yep, Topshop and a blue origami back from good old Topshop also.
Basically, today I am a walking, talking advert for Topshop!
What did you wear today? x


  1. Whats your twitter name?
    And i love the dress. U look simple and cute. Boo for washing machines.

  2. @ its xexfx

    Thanks :D I know they are a pain when they don't work x

  3. nice dress. I think u can't go wrong in a nice dress! sometimes it's good to wear things in the wardrobe u wouldn't usually go for- it makes u realise u don't always need new stuff! x

  4. @Natalia


    Yeh, since my washing machines been broken I've worn loads of stuff that I had forgotten about but actually really like :) x


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