Saturday, 4 April 2009

RE: What does make up mean to me?

Laura at My Bloggy Blog posted a post (?) about what make up means to her and it got me thinking, what does make up actually mean to me?
When I a little girl I used to play with my mums red lipstick because it was grown up and glamourous. Then in my early teens I used to pile it on again because it was grown up, looking back it wasn't so glamourous, I used to wear heavy foundation with powder, blusher, bronzer, eyeshadow, eye liner, three mascaras and lip gloss! I looked like a clown but ofcourse at the time I thought I looked fantastic!
Oh I should add that eyeliner and powder was reapplyed at morning break, lunchtime and before I went for the bus home!! I talked about this with girls in college and they all did it!
As I have got older and more mature (haha!) my make up has got less and is not so busy or heavy during the day. I know wear foundation, powder, blush, highlighter, winged liner, one mascara and either a lip gloss or lipstick. Sometimes I will use a coloured eyeliner aswell or a little eyeshadow but more the liner than a shadow.
When I was 13, 14 make up was something to make me appear grown up now I would like to think that I use it to cover up imperfections and make myself feel better. Make up is away of expressing who you are other than through clothes.
During an awkward stage at 15,16 and probably 17 I wouldn't go anywhere without full make up but now I will go out with just foundation and powder - I don't need liner & mascara if I'm just going to buy milk!


  1. I definitely piled it on when i was younget too! I remember my best friend telling me "steph, i know eyeliner is your 'thing' but please, give it a rest!"
    Im glad we came through it better make uppers!xxx

  2. @Steph

    I think its something you do just because you can.

    LOL I had crayola marker eyeliner when I was like 15 - it was not a good look lol.



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