Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Excited Much....

It has been a really lovely day in Glasgow today - sunny, kind of warm but nice none the less.
The weather has made me totally excited for summer and here are the reasons why ....
1. Everyone seems to be nicer and more friendly when its sunny.
2. Sandals!!! Ahhhh I love sandals (LOL at myself!) with jeans, dresses, skirts! <3
3. Sunglasses! I love them. Avaitors, ray bans, WAG style sunnies.
4. Wasting the day in the park or just sitting outside - talking, having fun & a few cheeky drinks in the afternoon. CANNOT BEAT IT!
5. This one is really sad but I live in Glasgow (it rains often!) but going out without a jacket! This makes it truly feel like summertime to me (and probably a lot of the Scottish population)
So there is 5 reasons why I love summer lol.
Do you love summer? If yes why, if no why not?! x


  1. I've loved when it's been sunny lately! It really makes me feel like we'll have a good summer (for a change)! I too have loved being able to go out without a coat or even a jacket. I've found myself buying a lot of summer clothes such as dresses and long tops.

  2. I love summer because I hate standing at the bus stop when i can't feel my toes. lol. Also in the summer I want a job to earn money. I got my sunglasses last year and only had one chance to wear them so I want to go to the beach this year that should be fun.


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