Thursday, 2 April 2009

I Need These Shoes....

How amazingly gorgeous (!) are these shoes worn by Lauren Conrad.
I love them!
If they were a didferent colour they might be a little "stripper-esque" but who cares they are gorgeous!!!!
I love the navy/cobalt blue-ness of them and the super high heel. I probably couldn't walk in them anywhere otuside but I could totter (sp) about the house in them - that would make me happy lol.

Another thing I really like about them is how she has taken quite a dressy shoe and teamed it with a checked shirt and skinnys jeans for lunch.
I think I want these more than a Chanel bag right now (!!!!!) can't believe I just wrote that.
Do you love the shoes?? x


  1. I agree, i love the shoes but i probs wouldnt be able to walk in them! :P

  2. OMG these shoes are so cool. I want them too (:

  3. @Emily

    Yeh same but just to have them would be enough :D x

  4. i think i would crap my pants if i got those. they are soo fn fabulous!
    bahaa :D

  5. @Laura

    LOL I would sell my brother for these shoes! Extreme but probably true :D x

  6. @Anna Sl

    I know! They are gorgeous :) x

  7. those shoes are amazing :)


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