Friday, 17 April 2009

Fearne Cotton

I saw this picture in a magazine of Fearne Cotton & I LOVE her outfit!
Its just a printed dress with a wide waist belt and a black blazer. She also has some heart shaped sunglasses but I'm not so interested in them!
Its all from New Look but as usual none of the stuff is feautred on the site (bet you can't find it instore either) but I think I may copy this outfit with stuff I already have.
Its so pretty and ladylike but still fshionable and a bit edgy with her big hair.

What do you think of Fearne's outfit? x


  1. Me and my mum saw this in the magazine and went on a massive quest to find that dress and it wasn't in any new look stores or the website...bizarre!! x

  2. @Zoella

    Its so annoying!

    They always do it aswell - More do it all the time with stuff.

    :) x

  3. It's a great outfit for the summer! :)

  4. i love fearne cotton! her style is amazing, il be lookin out for this dress x


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