Saturday, 2 August 2008

Classis Look: Scarlet Fever!

Time for a lesson on the Classic Red Lips!

If your a beginner...

Go natural with a sheer colour such as Bourjous Rouge Hi-Tech in Rose Pixels £7.25.

This will give the lips a tin of red without it being too over powering and making you feel self conscious!

Intermediate red lips ...

Use a product that gives a glossy finish opposed to a sheer finish such as MAC Cockeny lipstick £11.

Your lips will look full with a hint of red and very glossy.

Advanced red lips ...

Full on strong red lips. Use a deep matte red such as Chanel Rouge Allure in Audace £19.

This will be the classic red lips. Full on bright, glamrous red lips. This will look great with a subtle eye and a vintage hair style.

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