Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Pretty, fast & easy hair style!

So I was heading into town for a little bit of shopping and was running late. I didn't have to time to wait for my hair to dry and go wavy or to blow dry my hair and straighten it so i roughly blowed dried it and put is up like so >>>

Excuse the face when I smiled in the pics my head looked massive so i did this instead anyways I swept my side fringe back and twisted it a little and did the same with a piece of hair on the other side. Then i put my hair into a low loose pony tail and sort of messed it up a little bit so it wasn't too tied and up looking (if that makes sense?!). I don't really wear earrings that much but my top was a bit low and it made my chest look really long so I put on these square black diamond earrings from urban outfitters.

This is a really simple look that is really really fast and easy to do.

The side view, the back (sorry its blurry it's not easy taking a pic of the
back of your head yourself!!) Below is a picture of the top!

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