Monday, 4 August 2008

Summer Read!

I started reading "Holly Would Dream" by Karen Quinn about five days ago and I can hardly put it down!

Synopsis from back of book:

Fashion historian Holly Ross often wishes she lived in a simpler time when the clothes were beautiful, the men debonair and the endings happy. But, about to be married and with a big promotion promised, her life seems finally to resemble the movie stars she idolizes. So where did it all go wrong? How, in the space of one day, does Holly find herself homeless, jobless, penniless - and fiance-less? Why is she cruising the Mediterranean in pursuit of property tycoon Denis King? And how come she's trying to track down a suitcase full of stolen Audrey Hepburn gowns before Interpol tracks her down? The madcap adventures of the endearingly accident-prone Holly make for a fast-paced, feel-good and wickedly funny read. Will she get the promotion she deserves - or will she get thrown in jail? Will she capture the heart of Denis King before he marries society girl, Sydney Bass? And will she ever be able to stop saying 'if only' and accept herself for who she really is?

It is really east to read and the chapters are short so you get throught it quickly. It is perfect for the beach or a holiday read. Get it, I know you will love it especially if you are an Audrey Hepburn fan.

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