Friday, 8 August 2008

New Fragrance from Benefit

So the wonderful Benefit have added another scent to there line called B-Spot, yip a play on G-Spot, some how B-Spots not so yuck sounding but anyways it was added mid-July and I can not wait until pay day to get myself a bottle. As a massive Benefit fan I must say I am a little excited about it.
The box comes with a picture of a lady showing all the place to spray it. The scent is described as being mango, freesia, peony, sandlewood and amber. It starts off fruity and loud but eventually calms down to a more subtle summer scent.
This is a summer scent but if you want to brighten up peoples winter mornings then a spritz of this and all is good.
It costs £26.50 from Benefit and Debehnams.
I think the whole B-spot/G-spot thing is a modern twist on the Coco Chanel quote " You should put scent where you want to be kissed". Which is never a bad thing?!

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