Monday, 4 August 2008


I was bored so I thought I would have a look around the Dune website as I hadn't in a while and I must say they have some really gorgeous shoes in at the moment. I loved so many that I have decided to show you my five favourites.

I loveeeee these shoes, they are gorgeous but I didn't like them as much in the brown colour. For the shoes in red it is £60 but to get them in brown they are only £37.50. The shoes in red would look gorgeous with a black vintage style dress, subtle make-up and the hair simply swept back off your face.

These are statement shoes and should be woren with a simple outfit. Unlike the last pair these shoes are very retro. I love the chunky heel, the flower on the toe and the fact that they are sling backs. These shoes also come with a red flower and red where the black is basically but I prefer the black although the Lilly on the front does stand out more in the red. These shoes are £25.50 in either red or black.

I adoreeee these shoes. They are super sexy and will give you alot of confidence! They only come in black but personally in any other colour they would look a little pornstar-esque!!!

They would look fantastic with the polka dot dress from Miss Selfridge I mentioned in my 'Frill Seekers' entry. It would be really sexy and perfect for a party or night out. These shoes are £49.50. Expensive but totally worth it in my eyes!!

These court shoes are very Carrie Bradshaw! I love them, I want them!!!
These shoes also come with a white background and a black bow but i prefer the black as the flowers and the bow pop a little more with the darker background.

These shoes are just gorgeous! They would great with just a simple dress or a prom style skirt and simple vest top again very Carrie. If I had these shoes I would feel like a Princess wearing these just because they are so different and so eye catching.

These lovlies are a reasonable £24!

These shoes are gorgeous, they remind me of birthdays (because of the bow I think). They come in red and also in cobalt blue, both are equally as gorgeous as the other and if I had obsence amounts of money I would buy both pairs but sadly I don't so I would probably get the red ones as it would go with so much more than the cobalt blue.
Cobalt blue is going to be big this Autumn/Winter so you would get atleast two seasons out of them until cobalt blue popped back into fashion.
The red shoes would look amazing with a simple black cocktail dress and again very simple make-up and hair. You want all the attention to be on the shoes. They are £95 a pair but if you are feeling flush and want to treat yourself I would say get yourself a pair of these babys ASAP!!

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  1. Those red at first sight I swear!!! x x x


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