Sunday, 10 August 2008

Toshop is my Love! <3

In yet another state of boredum i was looking around the Topshop website and decided seen as one of my good friends birthdays is coming up soon (a months time lol) I would look at the fancy stuff. I some how ended up looking at the fancy dresses which I found lots of gorgeous ones but wouldn't get away with wearing out on a night out in Glasgow but I can dream!

I loveeeeeeeee this green Vintage Prom Dress (that's what its called!) it costs £50 and is absolutely stunning! I think this is the first time I've actually liked something in that shade of green.

Then when I was mooching through the high heels I saw these shoes. They are £75 but if I had enough money to buy them I would but sadly I don't :(. They would look amazing with the green prom dress or with black skinny jeans and a dressy top. They are called the PRESLEY premium slingback heel if anyone cares!
Thats is about it for just now! Go check out they have some amazing stuff just now!

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