Friday, 1 August 2008

BeneFit High Beam!

Apart from eyeliner and lipgloss, highlighter and blusher is one of my main loves.
BeneFit High Beam gives your skin a radiant, glowing complexion. I bought this on a whim and I have never looked back. Without it I don't feel as confident or pretty, I love the way it highlights my cheek bones and make me look glowing from inside.
High Beam costs £15.50 from or a Benefit counter but it is well worth the money - I have had my bottle for about 4 months and use it everyday and I am no where near finished.
I tent to put on my cheeks after foundation and powder and then set it with a highlighter powder (very light covering of powder!!). This is one of the best make up purchases I have made and I am sure I will use it forever!!
WARNING: Less is more. You only need a small amount otherwise your a bit too glowy!!!

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  1. I love High Beam, and you're right, it lasts forever! I've got a tiny sample bottle of it from the Realness of Concealness kit, and I adore it! A full size is deffo on my wishlist! x x x


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