Friday, 2 January 2009

Delta Goodrem

I have no idea how I came to watching Delta Goodrem's Live Show - I haven't heard a song of hers since about 2005 but I did end.

Since the last time I saw her she seems to have changed and become a bit more boho Sienna Miller-ish. She looks amazing - a tad on the skinny side but that's just my opinion.

I love her smokey eye in this photo with the sweet cheek and nude lip. It is a really pretty, elegant look. Her hair is really nice as well!

This dress is such a beautiful colour. Really vibrant and warm. It works well with her skin tone and her blonde hair. The dress is quite chic and classic but the ruffled neck add a little bit of a twist to it which I really like.

And finally ... I like this one because of the jacket!

I'm a huge fan of blazers, dinner jackets - you get the picture!

Its a really cute jacket and the green contrasts well with the black jacket.

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  1. God, she's so pretty :(
    Her skin is just glowing in the picture with the jacket.
    Nice pictures, see what you mean about the Sienna Miller-esque look


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