Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sienna Miller in Alfie

Sienna Miller's eye make up in Alfie is one of my favourite looks ever! ^swooping statement
It is just a really smokey black eye but contrasted with her blonde hair it really stands out and looks amazing.
She has some falsies on and her top and bottom water lines have been lined with black liner. The shadow is only on the lid, leaving the crease and below her brow bone untouched.
Her lips and cheeks are kept really neutral and soft.
I really love this look and may even recreate it for a night out soon.
What do you think of Sienna's make up? yay or nay?


  1. I love Siennas whole look in this film, makeup, clothes everything :)

  2. @Alice I love her look in it too. Good film aswell but I kind of prefer the Michael Cane one x

  3. This is why sometimes i wish i was blonde!smokey eyes always look amazing on blondes!

  4. @KerryMarie yeh the stand out more on blondes but there a little more sulty and sexy on brunettes I think.



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