Monday, 19 January 2009

Rachel Bilson

During The OC days Rachel Bilson's character, Summer was my favourite along with Seth - they were so funny together! I'm also a massive fan of Rachel in real life.
I loveeee this sequin jacket it is so fun and chic. Rachel has kept everything else simple - just plain white t-shirt and light blue skinnys. Due to everything else being so plain or simple the jacket is the focus of the outfit.
Also, the bright yellow-orange clutch adds a pop of colour to the outfit which I really love.
I would wear this outfit! I'd wear it to dinner, to bar possibly a club but I'm not really a dancer more of a wall flower but I would still wear it there!
What do you think of Rachel's outfit? anndd who was your favourite in The OC??


  1. I love how Rachels style seems to have really matured. She really has turned into quite a stylish young woman.

    I loved Anna in the OC!
    BUT all the girls pretty much had there fashion moments. Marissa's countless Chanel handbags for example :)

  2. @Alice

    She seems more comfortable now with doing her own thing. I love her stlye now!

    Aw yeh Anna was good but for me it will always be Seth & Summer - they were so funny!

    I no - how many Chanel bags does she need? LOL



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