Saturday, 17 January 2009


Twenty8Twelve is a fashion line designed and owned by Sienna & Savannah Miller. It is a reletavly new brand, I think it launched in 2007 but I was having a browse at the Liberty site and came across some pieces that I really liked.

The descriptor for the line is as follows.....
"Sienna & Savannah Miller's collection of formal tailoring, quality denim and high fashion detailing reflects the sisters' timeless chic"

This cute summer dress is called the Blue And Orange Check Ruche Dress. It costs £185 from Liberty and £180 from ASOS. It would be perfect for summer time with some sandals or wedges and because it isn't a plain sun dress it can we worn without lots of accessories which might get on your nerves if its hot and sunny (not much chance of that in Scotland!). I really like this dress but it a tad pricey for my student budget so I am definitely going to search out a high street version which I am sure there will be one somewhere.
What do you think of this fashion line?


  1. I think I would literally sell my whole closet (well maybe not it all) to own something twenty8twelve!

    The lines always intrigued me, I found out the other day they got there name from Sienna's birthday 28th December! I feel slightly behind in grasping that, seems they have been going for a couple of years now :)

  2. @ALice I think I would sell my soul for something from it! lol

    Yeh its a smart idea and is a bit different.



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