Friday, 16 January 2009

Penelope & Monica Cruz for MNG

So Penelope & Monica Cruz have launched their Spring/Summer line at Mango.
I must admit I don't shop in there that often but I do pop in every now and again for a browse and normally come out with something I like.
I think this is the fourth line that they have designed for Mango but don't quote me on that one!
The collection is made up of cardigans, blazers (wooo!) & trouser combos & LBD!!! What more could you want?

This picture has to be my favourite promotion picture for two reasons;
Number one I loveeeee the trench coat - it is so simple & classic but still super stylish. It is also really ladylike which is never a bad thing!
Number Two is the shoes - how gorgeous are they? Not such a massive fan of the pale pink because a little rain and they would be dirty pink but they would work for a wedding. Personally, fuchsia pink would have been a gorgeous colour for the shoes but they are still beautiful.
Will you be buying anything from this line??

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