Thursday, 8 January 2009

Blake Lively & Gossip Girl

I loveeee Gossip Girl in fact I love it so much I bought season 1 on dvd (i'm not really into buying TV programmes on DVD - so this is major for me!).
The guys in it are rather hot and the girls have amazing clothes. Blair or Leighton Meester has some gorgeous outfits but shes not such a nice person really, my favourite has to be Serena.
Her clothes from Gossip Girl, her hair, her boyfriend - I want them all! LOL

I like what Blake Lively has on in this picture - I particularly like the Chanel bag. She has on two of my favourite things - black jeans and a blazer, you can't beat that. Makes for a simple, stylish outfit in my opinion. Also, her boyfriend is soo cute - I love him!
I got some bargains in the sales and some other stuff that I'll take some pictures of - I love what I bought! I'm so happy with it.
Take x


  1. Yay Gossip Girl! Love this programme, can't wait for season 2! :)

    I know what you mean about Serena she is so pretty and always has great clothes! & to top it all off her bf is cute too!
    Tad jelous, can you tell?! Haha :)

  2. @Ohmakemeup

    I no - hopefully not long to go!!

    Her boyfriend is supppper cute lol - actually theres a boy in my work that looks very like him lol. xx


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