Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen Sisters are amazingly great! I like both of them for their style but if I'm honest I prefer Mary-Kate's personality she seems a little for fun and friendly than Ashley.

Mary-Kate's style has more of a Gothic romance influence to it than Ashley's. She also has a little bit of a boho thing going on sometimes.

Mary-Kate is on the left in this picture. I love the sleeves on her dress and the button detail up the front - it changes the dress from a black dress into something a bit edgy and different. Plus her heels are awesome!

I like what Ashley is wearing in this picture as well but I was drawn more to Mary-Kate. Ashley's shoes are gorgeous as well.

Mary-Kate's make up in this picture is soft and pretty. Her eyes are the main feature and her lips have been left a muted brown which really suits her colouring. I also really like her rings and cuff because they are statement pieces.

Mary-Kate has amazing style but who is your favourite Olsen? Mary-Kate or Ashley?


  1. To be honest I can never tell the difference, but they are noth stunning, love your fashions posts, I always agree :)

  2. Yeh neither can I unless it is written next to it lol.

    They are kind of 'quirky' looking and they are wayyy to skinny in my opinion.

    Thanks - you must have good taste joke! x

  3. I love the olsens! Mary kates my fave she has AMAZING style. Theyre the only celeb style i copy lol

  4. @Kimberly yeh i prefer mary-kate to ashley but they are both super super skinny.



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