Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lily Allen!

Over the past few months Lily Allen has had a massive body transformation.
She was never fat or over-weight in my opinion but now that she has toned up she looks amazing.
She seems to have changed over night!
What I want to know is how did she do it??? I know there was a time when she wasn't well and lost weight because of that but she seems to have lost more.
She has also gone really glamorous with her clothes and is making more of an effort on days when she is out and about.

I think Lily is amazing. I love her new style, her music, her tv show everything!
Her weight loss has encouraged me to get back into the gym and eating better because she looks so incredible.
Whats your incentive for getting down the gym? If you need one that is.


  1. There is a fabulous artical on Lily in the current issue of Nylon. You should check it out. I think she is simply adorable... :-)

  2. @*stars*in*my*pocket* I will thanks for letting me now :) yeh I love her - shes amazing! lol


  3. i like this outfit, look real comfty!

  4. @TML ⁢3

    yeh it does and I love the bag!



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