Sunday, 4 January 2009

What's in my bag...

I love these things and I was bored so I thought why not so here it is ....
This is me bag, its from you guessed it, Topshop! It cost about £30 I think and I love it.

A view inside the pit that is my bag!

Everything that came out of my bag minus two lollipop wrappers!

I have ...
* My two phones (don't ask why I have two phones - I really don't know why its totally unnecessary!)
* Two Pens
* Elle Magazine
*A powder brush
* A little make-up bag with powder, concealer and lip gloss
* Aussie hairspray
* Cheap Morgan perfume that reeks but I keep it in there for days when I need to freshen up and I don't want to take my Chloe!
*Brolli - I live in Scotland it frequently rains.
* Two pairs of gloves - Don't know why I have two?!
* Diary, pay slip and holiday request form for work
* Purse
* Carmex and Barry M Lip paint
* Yellow thing with plasters, bongella, vaseline & feminine products.

That's it - my notebooks missing because I was making a list (I am a compulsive list maker - I make lists out of everything!)

What's in your bags ....


  1. I love your bag!!

    & I love reading/watching these 'What's in my bag' things too - think it must be a girl thing!

  2. @ohmakemeup


    Ano - they are so good to watch! Boys jsut wouldn't understand it lol.


  3. I love whats in my bag Posts and vids too! Im also a die hard list maker i have 5 on the go just now lol

  4. @Kimberly

    lol - i make lists out of everything like what i need to buy, what i need to do, things i have to take with me. I have a problem I think lol.



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