Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Boredum leads to this...

So the other night I was reallllly bored and decided to play around with make up. I ended up doing a sort of brown smokey eye with black in the crease.
Sorry the pictures are a tad rubbish and the you can't really see the eye shadow properly but it was pretty late and I was tired also it was pitch black outside.
I would wear this during the day without the black - just because I'm not really a eyeshadow person during the day but I would definitely add the black for nighttime to smoke it out a little bit and make it a bit sultry.I would put on more eyeliner as well - liquid probably just to darken it a little (in this picture I had had my liner on all day and was going to be soon so I didn't re-apply liner or mascara.)
Whats your favourite eye shadow 'look'?

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