Thursday, 1 January 2009

Sienna Miller's Dress

Sienna Miller is mostly in the tabloids due to her 'man
eating' or her latest boyfriend but I think she is fabulous (< new adjective for 2009 yay!). Her fashion is always edgy, fun and young.

She is pretty much skin and bone, has little to know chest meaning clothes with less shape hang better on her than on someone with curves such as Holly Wiloughby or Scarlett Johansson.

Sienna is lucky in that sense as most style suit her shape and she can pull of a lot of things.

This black dress isn't very in your face - it appears to be a pretty black dress. Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful dress but I thought maybe it was a little too simple for Sienna.

Until I saw the back. The open back breaks up the black - it is a beautiful touch along with the sequins on the shoulders.
The back of this dress made it for me, if it didn't have this I would have liked it as it is a cute little black dress but when I saw this picture it was love. The thing I like the most about the dress is the cute little tie at the top the spine.

Sienna 's little black dress is most definitely a winner in my books. What do you think of Sienna Miller's dress? Is it too plain or does the back make the dress stand out?

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  1. i love black sequins. The dress is really nice!


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