Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr plays Vanessa in Gossip Girl - in the show her style is kind of fun, random bright colours (if that makes sense?!) but in really life she is a little more grungy which if I am being honest is totally not my style, I would say I am more put together & dressed up.
Anyways back to Jessica Szohr .....
the two outfits below are probably the two favourites that I could find - one is a little more relaxed while the other is just fun, bright & young.

I love the t-shirt - jeans combo for night time especially with heels, it makes a sort of I didn't try to hard but I kind of did look (if that makes sense?!) Plus it can be worn during the day and for evening you can add a clutch. Jessica suits this style and because the tshirt isn't just plain white it doesn't look too casual. I would wear this without a doubt maybe with a black vest top rather than the tshirt (I'm not really a tshirt person!)

I loveeeeeeeeeee this dress! The lime contrasted with her black hair and skin tone is just gorgeous. I also really like the belt clinching it in at the waist so that it isn't just a mass of lime! The black ankle boots toughen the look up a little and keep it edgy and young.

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