Sunday, 4 January 2009

Luella Bag

How amazingly gorgeous is this bag by Luella?
Ugh I want it so badly - this has actually taken over from my want for a quilted bag from Chanel.
It is such a beautiful bag - it is a well structured and has a top handle which I really love!

The bag is really chic and classic but sadly is a tad pricey at £1,295 - I can still dream!
This bag would go with anything from a tea dress to a pair of skinnys, a collar-less shirt and a school boy blazer.
This style of bag is without a doubt one that I am going to search for on the high street or maybe I will get lucky with my search for a boyfriend 2009 and meet a rich man willing to buy me it. Lol.
Whats you favourite bag - designer or not?

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